"Both of my children have benefitted enormously from treatment delivered by the professionals at Island Therapies, and I always recommend this agency to other parents. The therapists are knowledgeable, professional, and truly care about children. They are creative and fun - always coming up with ways to keep children engaged, while making sure they stay focused on each child's goals. I also found them to be extremely supportive and helpful to me as a parent, while I navigated through the EI, CPSE, and CSE worlds. I can't say enough about everyone at Island Therapies - they feel like family!"

- Anne


"We were at another agency before coming to Island Therapies and I have to say making the switch was the best decision! Both of my girls get OT and PT and their therapists have been incredible! I have seen a huge improvement in the short time we've been here. The staff has been warm, kind, caring, and genuine. The level of professionalism, organization, and knowledge cannot be matched. We have been incredibly happy here!"

- Marissa


"My therapist at Island Therapies has brought awareness to me about my daughter that nobody else ever had. I feel I can never repay our therapist for the wonderful things she has done for us. She has helped us and brought life back to my daughter."

- Rachel


"Island Therapies is a wonderful place for OT, PT, and more. I LOVED Island Therapies! The therapists are some of the nicest people I know. I loved going there! I liked the Big Room and the Small Rooms. I learned to tie my shoes there, do buttons on clothes, and lots of other things! They even recommended a great app for the iPod. So, you have two options: go there or don't go there - BUT I really think you should go to Island Therapies!"

- Owen (Age 7)


"We have been going to Island Therapies for 3 years. My son has extraordinary therapists for speech and occupational therapy. Their outstanding devotion to my child has had profound progress for him academically and socially. I always say his therapists are angels sent from heaven in my son's life."

- Lorraine


"Hannah has been working with her OT since July. Her OT is a wonderful, bright, energetic, and motivating professional. Hannah is excited to see her every week, and improvement in Hannah's fine motor skills are the reward because of her OT. Anyone can go to school to learn a profession, but our OT brings so much more to each session! Thank you to Island Therapies for all you do and for our OT."

- Jennifer


"At Island Therapies I learned how to hop on one foot, climb up a wall, and pull my pants up and down. Those ladies are sweet."

- Emmett (Age 5)


"We have been with Island Therapies for about a year and a half now and they have been amazing, helpful, and extremely informative. My teacher and her team have always gone above and beyond for my son. He absolutely adores everyone that he works with including his speech therapist and OT. Everyone is always willing to take time with him and help him push himself to his maximum! I couldn't have asked for a better agency to help me and my son through this journey. Thanks to all that have helped him get as far as he has!"

- Melissa


"I have been bringing my daughter, Christina, here since she was 1-year-old. When Early Intervention said she did not have a problem, my speech therapist at Island Therapies saw that she did. My daughter could not eat solid foods of any type. As a mother, I was unable to feed my baby except for formula. With my therapist's dedication, she was able to teach me how to feed my daughter and work with her to slowly get her to eat. There were many days I would break down and cry, but my speech therapist told me it would be okay, and today my daughter is 7-years-old and eats everything. It was a long process, but I am forever in Island Therapies' debt."

- Maria