The Handwriting Program

Island Therapies provides multiple supports for children who struggle with handwriting. We offer individual treatment using a variety of strategies based upon our many years of experience.

One of the programs we use is Handwriting Without Tears

The developmentally based, flexible, and engaging Handwriting Without Tears® program is an easy and effective way for children to develop good handwriting skills. It has been used successfully by more than 10 million children. Combine that with enthusiastic therapists with extensive knowledge in all aspects of handwriting, and you have a winning combination.

Handwriting Without Tears™ uses fun, entertaining, and educationally sound instructional methods to teach handwriting to all students: pre-k through cursive. The intuitive workbooks, engaging hands-on materials, and lively music inspire active learning. Handwriting Without Tears® is a proven success in making legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill for all students.

Island Therapies is pleased to provide the Handwriting Without Tears™ program in groups or as part of our Occupational Therapy individual sessions. Groups are run by our occupational therapy staff and typically include 2-5 students. Children are placed in our groups as determined by age and writing level. Groups are available for children with special needs as well as typical children. Groups are provided on an as needed basis and are not necessarily available all year.

Groups are as follows:

Pre-K Writing Readiness: This group includes active manipulative materials, games, and songs to prepare children to write. Upper case or capital letters are introduced at the preschool level.

Printing: This group focuses on printing upper case and lower case letters

Cursive: This group focuses on writing in script.

Groups may be modified to best serve the needs of the particular children in the group. We try to make the groups as homogeneous as possible.

Thousands of administrators, teachers, occupational therapists, and parents across the country have successfully implemented this program. The end result is truly handwriting without tears for all!