Mentoring for Therapists

The owners of Island Therapies are Occupational and Speech therapists with over 30 years of experience and have broad and extensive training in many aspects of treatment and evaluation of children. We are offering mentoring in sensory integration, problem feeders/picky eaters, handwriting, evaluations, oral sensory motor dysfunction, auditory interventions, attention problems, school based issues, funding sources, and many more topics of pertinence to therapists working today.

There are several learning options to meet your needs and individual style of learning.

One-on-One: Discussions where you can sit with a speech or occupational therapist and ask questions regarding general concepts or specific cases (no full names please). This type of session is individualized and directed by your needs. You are expected to bring your questions to us.

Fee: $100 for 1st hour, second hour $75.00 (discounts will be offered for regularly scheduled session, such as once weekly/monthly).

Shadowing: This is a session where you can observe treatment in action at the Island Therapies office. It is scheduled in one hour blocks of time or for a full day. You will shadow one or two therapists who are treating the types of children you are interested in learning more about.

Fee: Full day, $175.00
One hour, $50.00

Itinerant Mentoring: This is a mentoring session where a therapist will come to your facility and consult and/or treat children of your choosing (copies of prescriptions and signed parental consent must be provided for each child). This session can also include group or individual mentoring. Fees for this mentoring will be determined based on time and distance involved.

Classes/Courses: Island Therapies will be presenting regular courses for therapists as well as ones for parents. These will be announced by email, flyers, and on this website. Check back frequently for information. You may also leave your email with us to be placed on our mailing list.

Itinerant Courses/Lectures: Island Therapies is available to offer courses at your facility for therapists and for SEPTA. Fees will be determined based upon time and distance.

To make an appointment for mentoring, contact the therapist you wish to mentor with: