Island Therapist has joined the
Liberty POST family. 
In the coming weeks, this website will
redirect to
Thank you!
Welcome to a new school year with Island Therapies!
We are currently offering teletherapy, hybrid, and
in-office services! If your child's services are taking
place in our office, please take note of the following

1. Please remain in your car
2. Text your therapist that you have arrived to the facility
3. Your therapist will be out shortly to take temperatures.
All temperatures must be under 100.4 without
fever-reducing medicines
4. All adults that enter our facility MUST wear a mask or
other face-covered which covers both the nose and
mouth. Children over two are recommended to wear a
mask, if they are able to tolerate it

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to
call the office at (631) 392-0081.

Welcome back, stay safe, and have fun!

     *A message from the partners at Island Therapies*

Our goal is to provide quality evaluation and treatment through a family oriented and team approach.

Providing over 30 years of excellence in pediatric and educational services.


About Us

Island Therapies opened its doors to families in 1987 to provide therapeutic and educational services to children from birth to adolescence. We have dedicated ourselves to providing quality and state of the art evaluation and treatment through a family oriented, team approach.

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Services at Island Therapies include occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, special education, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). These services can be provided through Suffolk County's Early Intervention Program and school districts, insurance, or private payment.

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Various programs at Island Therapies focus on treating children with difficulties involving sensory integration, communication, feeding, auditory processing, fine and gross motor skills, and many other developmental delays.

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